Hawk Jones was the brainchild of Tor Lowry.  Tor came up with the idea for Hawk Jones when he saw a jello commercial in which all the kids were dressed as adults. Tor thought that would make for an interesting movie to have an all child cast and his brother, Rico, agreed.

Both brothers were still in their teens when they made Hawk Jones. The entire movie was shot in Rock Island, Il, Davenport, IA, and Moline, Il.  The mansion used in the movie was the old home of John Deere.  


Once filming completed, Rico spent several months editing the movie.  When it came to getting the movie distributed, the brothers realized that many distributors were afraid of the content of the movie.  Such as: kids smoking, shooting guns, fighting  and hanging out in a lounge.   A small local distributor picked it up but they quickly went out of business. Another company picked it up a few years later, but they too, went out of business.  Finally, the Lowry brothers got the rights back but by that time all the master prints were gone.  Luckily, Rico had made a Beta copy several years back and had kept it in storage.  


In 2015, Tor had the footage from the beta transferred to a hard drive.  He then began the long task of revamping all the visual effects. The result is the 25th Anniversary Edition.  A better looking (more violent) Hawk Jones that a whole new generation can discover.

" it’s the kind of film that couldn’t be made today.​​"


"Some of the themes make for a very surreal and unsettling experience"


"The formula is fool proof​"


© 2020 Hawk Jones

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